If you’d like to contact me privately, you can:

Please note that I do not provide any private addon support, programming tutoring, or other kind of addon-related help through private messages or email.

If you need help with one of my addons, or would like to report a problem or suggest a feature, please follow the instructions on the addon’s download page. In most cases, you can post a comment right on the addon page, or submit a ticket with just a few clicks! You may also find my addon troubleshooting guide helpful.

If you need help writing or modifying an addon, see the Resources page for links to relevant forums and reference sites.

I read every comment and ticket posted on my addons, and most threads posted on the WoWInterface and WowAce forums, but I simply do not have time to offer free one-on-one support or tutoring to everyone, nor to keep track of bugs and suggestions scattered across various inboxes and comment pages, and I believe that providing this kind of help privately is against the spirit of a community like WoWInterface anyway. Not only will you get an answer on the forums, but your question and the answer will be available to help anyone else who has the same question tomorrow or five years from now! Any private messages about the topics listed above will be ignored, or replied with a form letter directing you to the pages linked above.