I am no longer developing or maintaining World of Warcraft addons. I have not played seriously since Wrath of the Lich King (2010), or even casually since Warlords of Draenor (2015), and have no further interest in working on addons for a game I haven't played in years.

Some of my addons are now being maintained by other people; others are not, and may or may not still work. You can find all my addons listed on GitHub, WoWInterface, or Curse for historical purposes.

If you are interested in taking over one of my addons under its original name, please contact me.

Alternatively, as per the license under which my addons are published, you are always free to use any or all of the code from my addons in your own addons, as long as you don't use my addon name. If you want to publish a one-time "fan update" or a clone of one of my addons, all you have to do give it a completely new name (i.e. do not just tack on "Continued", "Fan Update", or some other suffix) and you're good to go. Feel free to post a comment on my addon's download page directing people to your shiny new replacement.