Here’s a list of addons I’ve published for World of Warcraft. To find out more about an addon, report a bug, or post a comment, follow the links next to its name to find it on your favorite addon site. You can also find my addons listed on WoWInterface and Curse.


Monitors your Reincarnation cooldown.


Remembers and warns you about players you don't want to play with.

Better Battle Pet Tooltip

Shows your highest collected level and quality in battle pet tooltips.

Broker: Instance Difficulty

Shows the current group type and instance difficulty on your Broker display.

Broker: LFG

Quickly access the LFG system from your Broker display.

Broker: Played Time

Track played time across all your characters on your Broker display.

Broker: Ticket Status

Monitor your GM Help ticket status on your Broker display.

Cancel My Buffs

Easily cancel unwanted buffs using keybindings.


Marks commendations you've already learned at vendors.


Adds a confirmation dialog for leaving groups inside instances.

CoolLine Fix

Hides CoolLine in pet battles, and adds support for spells with charges.


Automatically watches the faction relevant to your location.


Shows your other characters' currency tokens in tooltips.


Double-right-click anywhere on the screen to start fishing.

Grid Status: Healing Reduced

Grid plugin to show debuffs that reduce healing taken.

Grid Status: Heal Trace

Grid plugin to show who was healed by your multi-target heals.

Grid Status: MultiRange

Grid plugin to check multiple ranges.

GridStatus: Party

Grid plugin to show group leader, raid assistants, and master looter.


Multiboxing & group leveling helper with automation, chat sharing, etc.

Item Tooltip Cleaner

Shortens or removes extra text in item tooltips.


Library to provide information about realms, including region, language, and connections.


Library to provide information about resurrections in your group.

Macro Tooltip

Adds tooltips to macro list the Blizzard Macro UI.

Macro Translator

Translates spell and item names in macros when you change your game client language.


Blocks guild-related messages from whispers and public chat channels.


Removes the randomly assigned title from new characters.


Store and share simple text notes in-game.

OPie Masque

Adds Masque skinning support to OPie.


Prompts for immediate forfeit when you enter a pet battle with no capturable upgrades.


Direct key bindings for your spells and macros.


Simple replacements for the default buff and debuff icons.


Simple tooltip modifications, with no options.


Adds a bandage button to the pet journal.


Track experience and reputation on your Broker display.


Shows your shaman’s Maelstrom Weapon and Lightning Shield charges using the monk chi frame.

SharedMedia: No Asian Fonts

Removes the near-duplicate Chinese and Korean versions of default game fonts from SharedMedia.

Zone Achievement Tracker

Tracks the “Complete N quests” achievement for your current zone.

Discontinued Addons

The following addons are no longer maintained by me, either because someone else is now maintaining them, or because I no longer use them and don't have time to maintain addons I don't use, or because changes in the game or other addons have rendered them obsolete.

PerfectRaid (ResInfo)

Adds resurrection info to PerfectRaid frames.

This addon is maintained only at a basic level. I do not personally use PerfectRaid, though I am the author of LibResInfo. If you are interested in taking over this addon, feel free to contact me.


Simple text-based HUD for player, pet, and target.

This addon is now maintained by Dridzt.

Creature Comforts

One-button hunter pet upkeep.

No longer maintained or supported. I have not played a hunter since the Burning Crusade expansion. If you are interested in taking over this addon, feel free to contact me.

GridStatus: Res

Grid plugin to show incoming resurrections.

Grid now provides a Resurrection status by default.

Improved Totem Frame

Movable totem frame without the call and recall buttons.

The totem bar was removed from the game in Mists of Pandaria.

Totemic Destruction

Automatically destroys totems to maximize the benefit of the Totemic Restoration talent.

Patch 5.1 removed the ability for addons to destroy totems.


Blocks unwanted links in public chat channels.

No longer maintained or supported. Try BadBoy_CCleaner.